Minting Music

By Chad
June 16, 2022
Image: @Cooopahtroopa

For those of you who perform risk analysis on your investments at concerts anyway (I’ve been to Osheaga, I know your type) here are some vital reading materials re: the future Snob Economy our resident doomsday prophet Zizi predicted:

  • solid roundup of possible impacts the blockchain could have on working musicians, which we’re promoting mostly because, like our own content, as well as the industry we cover, it is proudly wildly speculative and entirely unfounded. 
  • Music NFT evangelist French Montana feels ‘like the Christopher Columbus to the game’ — which hopefully just means he’s a rich public figure who’s going to take credit for something countless people discovered years earlier, and not that his new collection of digital downloads and backstage passes is some sort of disguised biowarfare he intends to use to commit mass genocide. Probably the former if his subpar impressions of other rappers are anything to go off. But I wouldn’t put anything past a man who proudly parks ten Tahoes on his girlfriend’s ass fat.  
  • A comprehensive Twitter thread of all the artists, outlets, startups, and DAOs you should check out if you care about this, including Steve Aoki, Snoop Dogg, and the resident Crypto Twitter authority on all things music and web3, who, because we’re living in the metaverse already, is named Cooopahtroopa.


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