Me @ each new use case, Ponzi, rugpull:

By Chad
February 3, 2022
Image: Tenor

Yada yada-ing incoming: 

  • You can now use Solana Pay — our favorite chain’s new merchant payment feature — at a whopping total of three online marketplaces. And given their new fee market to stabilize their ongoing network and transaction issues, it looks like Solana’s CEO is taking more than just styling tips from Steve Jobs.
  • Coachella, meanwhile, is taking their lead from fellow problematic fav Willy Wonka. Starting tomorrow, they are auctioning off 10 ‘golden ticket’ NFTs, providing holders with lifetime access to the festival, among other things. Aggressive gatekeeping and implicit endorsement of Oompa Loompa slavery? Feels on brand
  • Hackers hit Wormhole — a digital asset bridge between Ethereum and Solana — for a hot $320m by tricking the platform’s smart contract into minting tokens without confirming funds. Somewhere, someone’s Netflix heist movie pitch just got a lot more interesting. 
  • Justin Bieber blew 500eth on a Bored Ape in a plain black t shirt. The least surprising news I’ve ever reported, really.
  • On Monday, the Arcade platform launched, allowing hodlers to borrow against their NFTs. Took me back to the night a mere year ago, when I was nodding off on El Prof’s couch while he explained how incredibly expensive JPGs were an excellent investment vehicle for small businesses and I thought, ‘this mofo the type to blow a bag on Beanie Babies’. That hypnogogic hallucination aged well.


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