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Tidus is a decentralized crypto wallet that allows you to access multiple blockchains instantly. We are committed to helping all users understand what they are doing before they make any transactions.

el Prof

Made out like a bandit

I’ve spent the night in New York City a few times, but turns out, you can’t really appreciate the immensity of the city from an


Now that’s what I don’t call music

Since NFTs have skyrocketed to international attention, we have seen countless celebrities buy into and embrace them. An overwhelming majority of these celebrity-endorsed NFTs, like

el Prof

Hopium addict

We’ve been calling foul and cracking jokes about the absurdity of crypto culture and use cases all throughout the bull market of 2021, and for probably far too long


Looking for good web3 TV like:

Of all the half-baked NFT use cases, perhaps none is at greater risk of salmonella contamination than NFT TV. Unlike art, music, or tickets to a Lil


Epic Games presents: Grift

Epic Games’ — your profanity-spewing and possibly-radicalized thirteen year old brother’s favorite video game publisher — debuted their long-awaited foray onto the blockchain yesterday. Grit is a ‘play to


Stock market bf and astrology gf

To celebrate our holiday weekend, I ventured out of my work-from-home cave to shake off the Twitter cobwebs, take a break from refreshing Coinbase, and explore


New web, who dis?

We are constantly surrounded by identity. We have numerous identity-based categories on our IDs and passports. In addition, we click racial, gender, and ability-based identity

el Prof


This development probably slipped by you, given the historically unprecedented slew of awful news we’re subjected to these days. But, on May 16th, just days after the untimely demise


Reign of Terra

With the failure of the Terra ecosystem, the lines between the libertarian utopian pipe dream of the metaverse and the neofascist shit show of the meatspace are

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