Tis the season for giving.

By Chad
November 30, 2021
Image: Coin Telegraph

Here’s the rest of the News 3.0 I missed this weekend:

  • An obscure cryptocurrency, Omicron, capitalized on the coronavirus variant of the same name to rise 900% in value and crash back down in the same day. Want my legally-not-investment-advice? Next time news of a global tragedy breaks, see if there’s a meme coin with the same name and day trade the shit out of it. 
  • The only thing that lasts shorter and deflates faster than an NFT is a balloon, so thank God for Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, bringing together the worst of both worlds. If you have $20+k to drop on digital stocking stuffers, bid now. The auction ends in five hours.
  • And now I feel bad about giving shit to the latest titan of industrial revolution to cave to the trend, upon reading past the lede to discover that 100% of the aforementioned auction’s proceeds will go to Make-A-Wish. Macy’s is one of a few to see the charitable benefits of the blockchain.


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