Corvette wen?

By Chad
July 5, 2022
Image: SuperRare

Not today, apparently. 

  • Despite being the sports car equivalent of an NFT in every way, Chevrolet’s 2023 Corvette Z06 NFT received zero bids. It was listed during the conference, prompting a response from the marketplace SuperRare explaining that bidders must’ve missed it ‘due to the craziness of NFT NYC’. They promptly listed again and got zero bids again. Granted, at 206 ETH (~$240K) the ‘free Corvette’ the NFT supposedly unlocked (worth $90K) isn’t exactly free, is it? Besides, if you don’t understand why a universally useful tool is less valuable than a JPG, I can’t help you. Go rev your glorified muscle car somewhere else. Lambo wen? 
  • BlockFi might get bought by FTX after losing some $80M in a loan to Three Arrows Capital, a financial firm with a $7M+ collection of blue chip NFTs which recently filed for bankruptcy. The prominent exchange, known around these parts for its highkey grimy Superbowl ad, is also rumored to be pursuing a Robinhood acquisition. That’s two small steps for the world’s richest man under 30, one giant step for unjustified monopolies.
  • Coinbase is reportedly providing user geo tracking data to Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE). So much for borderless finance and blockchain secured anonymity. Leave it to the biggest web3 profiteer to squeeze out all the genuine potential from the technology. 
  • And it wouldn’t be right to kick off a belated week of celebrating the NFT space without reporting that the Ethereum merge got delayed yet again. Luh mao.


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