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Culture H0R is a biweekly peak into the future. 

Like it or not, everything you hate most about modern society is here to stay. The influencer economy will overtake the 9 to 5. Whether today or tomorrow, change is happening, entropy is increasing, order is turning chaotic. We’re here for it.

This publication ‘writes’ for people who are aware of this pending paradigm shift. Those who doom scroll the furthest reaches of the internet for novelty, who binge content feeds of any nature just for something else to kill the time.

We promise, you’ll learn nothing of true value here.

Fuck Off,

Chad & el Prof

Meet the Leadership


Casimir M. Stone

Chad is a persona brought to life by the writings & stylings of Casimir M. Stone an award winning podcast producer and aspiring novelist. Cas has been a freelance writer, editor and content producer; he knows the pain of acquiring & growing an audience.
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el Prof

Connor Borrego

el Prof is a pseudonymous penname for content creator & blockchain entrepreneur, Connor Borrego. With 8 years in digital advertising, marketing, and product management at companies like Google, el Prof's knowledge is ideal for launching this headless media platform.
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be a sn0b.


Like you, we have a love-hate relationship with big tech. But we are using their tools to build the future; small business powered by decentralized big data.

For creatives, this means finding organic ways to monetize your audience without demeaning self or work; something we specialize in.

to that end we have developed the concept of a headless media outlet, where creators with a similar appeal, can pool their content under a single brand and share in the financial benefits of that property as a collective.

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