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By Chad
January 21, 2022
Image: Nilüfer Yanya

These artists are too popular already to merit their own writeup, but I felt the need to give them a little love anyway. Bubbling just under the mainstream, I hope for their sake they all blow up and I won’t get to write about them at all. One can dream.

Nilüfer Yanya – Midnight Sun

Shouts out my boy Jalen for this one, who simps for the London songwriter harder than I do for Phoebe Bridgers (a big deal, if you know me). Now I can see why. Yanya basically delivers mumble rap flows over acoustic noise rock. Weird, but arousing.

KIRBY – Black Leaves

The spiritual theme song to Women Of The Movement gives major Billie Holiday vibes, and, by extension, will make a hell of a Kanye sample someday. KIRBY, the SZA-esque singer behind it, is one to watch. 

Widowspeak – Everything Is Simple

A cowboy pop band that’s been around long enough to have its own Wikipedia page, it’s criminal their videos still mostly pull under a hundred thousand views. If y’all know any fuckers who ‘listen to everything but country’, here’s a strong counterpoint.



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