This Isn’t Even a Toad.

By el Prof
October 19, 2021
Image: OpenSea | CryptoKook4

Every week I have the chance to write this column, and rarely does OpenSea present me with a winner to bring to you all.

Today, people are throwing their money away on a collection called 69Toads, by extremely online anon, @cryptokook4. Essentially our friend purchased Cryptoadz #810, an expensive pile of 8-bit shit, and in homage to said toad, is remixing and selling 69 of their own, lazily designed, knockoffs.

The added value here is the humor of numerical sexual references laced into the title of the collection and apparently how these toads are minted. Yesterday #69 King Gremp sold for a total of .169eth or around $700; a lot to pay for what I’m pretty sure is a terrible screenshot of Elfo from the hit Netflix cartoon, Disenchantment.

Stay tuned for next week, you’ll surely be disappointed again!

el Prof

el Prof

hey, i'm el prof, but most people call me Connor. Thanks for reading.

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