The 2021est Other Shit.

By Chad
January 4, 2022
Image: HBO

The ‘no context succession‘ Twitter account — @nocontextroyco

Succession may be the undisputed show of 2021, but the real MVP of the show’s Sunday night Twitter monopoly wasn’t HBO, the writer room, or even its admirably psychotic lead. It is perhaps the first prestige show to be seemingly designed entirely for social media, with infinitely quotable scenes making even less sense in context than without. If you don’t believe me, please turn to page ‘I’ve Got A Dick The Size Of A Red Sequoia, And I Fuck Like A Bullet Train.’

Zola — A24

Speaking of well-received media properties irrevocably linked to infinite scroll feeds, the simulation jumped the shark with this Oscar-bait dramedy. I wouldn’t go as far as calling it a good movie, although sitting with my college buddies staring at a screen displaying a mosaic of flaccid penises did make for a strangely memorable bonding experience. But in the annals of history, what are we more likely to remember? The latest Leonardo DiCaprio movie? Or the one adapted from a literal Twitter thread?

The $600 Bored Ape Yacht Club Hoodie — Yuga Labs

The longstanding question of the year was, ‘what will the Metaverse actually look like?’ And, despite a slew of slapdash op-eds and ill-advised Facebook press conferences, it was answered unceremoniously in a pop up shop at NFT.NYC. The Metaverse will look like overpriced JPEGs screen printed on overpriced hoodies. Next question (and year) please.



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