Taking it on the chin

By el Prof
May 12, 2022
Image: @Maas_Arte

Winter is here, even as June looms, and whether it’ll be a full 2 years or just the next 6 months, I’m going to be DCA’ing into this new tar pit of a shitcoin / NFT project shill landscape that has become the present reality of web3. To celebrate, I’m going full Night King and raising our fan-favorite column from the dead, because what better way to take advantage of a bottomless bear market than by trolling OpenSea for the next Basquiat? 

@Maas_Arte made the mistake of following my IG this week, prompting me to peep his profile. I’m more than glad I did, because he happens to be in the midst of minting a pretty complex project that gives me Damien Hirst’s ‘The Currency‘, while managing to invoke our community-based KYC concept at the same time. Maas’ aesthetic and logo are both clean and swaggy as fuck, but I can tell he made his site on Squarespace, teeing me up perfectly for a UniPro plug. Maas, my guy, you’ve expertly displayed your NFTs via OpenGraph or something, so I know you have the technical chops to appreciate a website tailor made for your needs and tastes by actual human beings. Hit us up and let us take a crack at it for you. Or, at the very least, replace the default black box favicon with your Coin NFT, and properly value your meticulous brand.

Still, as a degen who’s feeling the light, airy sadness that accompanies the deflating bags of the end of a bull market, I can’t help but feel seen by paintings like ‘The last round‘ (pictured above). Like our boxing hero, water won’t hit the same as rum when it comes to quenching ourselves as we fight to stay in the last round before true product adoption buoys the web3 space. See you in 2024. May your bags be as fat as ours.

el Prof

el Prof

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