Stoner Art For The Cure

By el Prof
November 16, 2021
Image: Ruben / OpenSea

So if you can’t tell already this newsletter is written by a couple of nerds cosplaying as cool internet d00ds, and my excitement over this project will confirm that notion.

Our top collection of today is Haematopoiesis by award-winning artist Ruben Alvarez. It is a digital adaption of a forthcoming physical art project titled UViolet.The project features blood cells amidst their developmental stage, which, considering the average person has approximately 10^11-10^12 new blood cells pumped daily from the bone’s marrow, feels appropriately universal. It’s also quite personal. The artist has struggled with their own blood cell production, and the images in question are cleverly manipulated slides of their own cells.

And, morbid jokes aside, they look sick as hell. I can’t tell whether I’m back in the middle school science lab learning about Meiosis or tripping balls staring at black light posters in my basement, but this collection reaffirms that the beauty of art lies in the life we all live.

If owning this project wasn’t cool enough for a science fair project gone Greenwich Village, you can feel good that 10% of the primary sales will be donated to CRIS CANCER, a Spanish nonprofit researching a cure. With 125 total cells and a floor price of .195eth, this project is not only creatively sound, but has the potential to raise between $10-15k for additional research.

Besides. Who wouldn’t want to own the cellular equivalent of Davy Jones, Cthulu, or the Face of God for a mere $2k?

el Prof

el Prof

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