Shrooms for Your SOL

By el Prof
January 6, 2022
Image: Psyshrooms

I had high hopes that my transition from Ethereum Enthusiast Virgin to Solana Maxi Chad would crack the door wide open on my hunt to find the next CryptoPunks or $100m (not a typo) floating white balls by Pak. Upon wading into the wild waters of SolSea only to discover marquee collections such as Solana Sluts and Crypto Idolz – Butts, those hopes were quickly dashed.

Instead, here I am, shouting out the team behind PsyShrooms, who are channeling their not-negligible artistic talent into the type of drawings doodled in the margins by my high school drug dealer. But at least it’s for a good cause. Half of these 5,555 trippy little guys will be used to support charities working on drug addiction.

You can pick up one for as little as 1/5 SOL ($30 in these dark winter days) on the energy efficient blockchain, Solana, with gas fees more comparable to a daily electric bill than a whole month of running the heat at 78 degrees, as is the Ethereum way. 

In keeping with their stylistic roots, I personally would prefer to see the PsyShrooms funds funneled into researching psychedelics for trauma therapy or something of the like. But I guess that’s why they’re leaving treasury allocation for their DAO to decide. If mental health is important to you, and you have a few hours a week to dedicate to writing and designing content, or just reading the conversations going on in their Discord, community engagement and participation is key to the teams behind the projects you believe in.

I’m speaking from experience, of course, as evidenced by the following shameless plug: if you need help adopting Solana, web3 in general, or simply making sense of our increasingly senseless existence, just drop into our own channel. Let’s chat.

el Prof

el Prof

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