outsidenightair – 03.10.22

By Phano
March 18, 2022
Image: outsidenightair

Different spaces in time have their own flavor. You may well call it ambience, aesthetic, aura. I prefer flavors. It’s like smelling the insides of an intergalactic hydrogen-based luxury spaceship headed towards the Milky Way despite never experiencing it. (Unless that alien abduction wasn’t a mid-weed-induced panic attack after all.)

Sounds make less physical sense without repetitive drums in the background. However, they do make more metaphysical sense, whatever that means. An hour-long amalgam of extraterrestrial ancestral sounds can take you further into the void than you might want, but if you need to come back, just envision yourself ruining the moment by having to put a beat on it. And if you’re further into this metaphor than you might want, to be clear, I am just making fun of the human need to be physically present, rather than daydreaming every second, as I do daily.

More Chunes

Sonahpiste – Silent Ambivalence of the Mother

Do you ever feel that your ancestral mother is shutting you out, despite you trying your best to make amends? Sometimes you can’t reach her because you are too busy moving in another direction. She’s extremely possessive and hates not getting attention. So, you pay her attention indefinitely, only to be met with boredom and indifference. Ah, what a toxic meta universal entity she is. How do you find a solution to this problem? I don’t know. This ambient sound for a strong 10-minute meditation might help though. 



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