(On God).

By el Prof
October 5, 2021
Image: MoiThePainter / OpenSea

This Tuesday, our collection is ‘Somewhere in the universe…’ by MoiThePainter, and I’m wondering, is there a Chance that maybe Moi will collab with the Rapper to Paint some sick cover art in the future? I’m sorry. I know. Lame. But that’s who I am, and it more than qualifies me to review the vast majority of NFTs I’ve come across.

But, fortunately, not these. Hailing from Mexico, Moi’s an Artist with a capital A, which we don’t have the luxury of reviewing much on here. Working in a mixed medium style, this collection of 90 unique paintings and their associated NFTs is deeply spiritual, befitting a ‘work of years.’ Everything about this collection says opus, from the denatured depictions of Stars of David and sacred geometry to caricatures of taboo Biblical characters.

Looking at this collection, I feel like Ezekiel did, staring down those angels that were definitely actually aliens — ‘high and awesome.’ (Ezekiel 1:22. Swear to God.)

(Wait. Shit.)

Much like my current bias against artwork whipped up in 30 seconds on MS Paint, I used to consider acrylics and watercolor juvenile, but the imperfection of this collection — especially when compared to the AI-generated uncanny valley porn I’m usually stuck reviewing — really works for me. An absolute buy if I had the ETH.

Viva los creativos!

el Prof

el Prof

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