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NFT Culture Proof Collects All The Infinity Tweets

By Chad
November 11, 2021
Image: NFT Culture Proof / OpenSea
How can we not be HORs for a project called NFT Culture Proof? Today marks the start of the ‘participatory performance on the Blockchain’ in which crypto writers are invited to contribute to a string of text placed directly on-chain.

For those not in the know (read: me up until like three days ago) most NFTs are not actually ‘on-chain.’ This means you can’t go to the address of a cryptographic hash and find the actual image you just paid $4.4k for, only a record and random string of characters representing it. The cost to leave your immutable stamp on an actual blockchain — permanent, for as long as the human race still has power — is even more absurd than today’s Ethereum gas fees. But now, for the cost of a mere 65 MATIC, you can do just that. 

The concept of the project is simple. Each day, 256 CPT tokens will be dropped, along with a prompt. Every token owner has two lines of 64 characters each to give a response. (Which, given the eternality of the whole thing, will hopefully be more thoughtful than your average tweet.) Then the responses will all be minted as NFTs, airdropped to whoever wrote it. The project will run until 5 PM PST on 12.12.21, at which point the contract will freeze and the month long conversation will end. 

I gave the project a spin today myself and now my Internet epitaph / Metaverse birthname exists in the ether forever. (Pictured above for your viewing pleasure.) ~$110 might seem like a steep price to pay for 120 characters, but to a writer of my profile and ego, any sort of timelessness is invaluable… even if it is just the meta version of a particularly profound exchange written in Sharpie on a bathroom wall. 

Purchase tokens, participate, or just see the Proof for yourself here


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