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By el Prof
January 25, 2022
Image: Ruth Satelier

El Prof here with Stud Finder Web2: Electric Boogaloo. I did some tumbling through the Instagram discovery section, and, although Meta may be cracking down on any web3 properties that don’t financially benefit Zucc exclusively, at least the old reliable has finally started tailoring some quality obscure artists into my feed.

Ruth Satelier has under 100 followers and even less engagement on their posts, but somehow I caught a glimpse of their abstract cityscapes in all their somber, uplifting glory. Guess the algorithms are still good for something. 

A German artist with over 25 years experience, demonstrated naturally via a web portfolio selling limited edition prints featured in stock photos straight out of our own Printful playbook, Satelier embodies the web2 approach to making it as an artist. But this artwork is deserving of far more than 57 followers, and there’s no shortage of web3 degens waiting to blow their easy money on acid trip landscapes like these. An artist previously featured in this column has already reached out to us to make the transition. Be next, Satelier. I’m sure we have just the sn0b for you.

el Prof

el Prof

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