Foxtails – Fawn

By Chad
January 21, 2022
Image: Foxtails

Neither bangers nor bops, the only one word you could use to describe these chunes is ‘good’. Otherwise, you’d have to resort to their genre titles, which, in this case, is something along the lines of ‘progressive screamo’ or ‘bluegrass emoviolence’. So, you’ll have to trust me when I just say ‘good’. 

To be clear, I’m not a Brokencyde apologist or anything. Putting a screamo band front and center in our first newsletter is out of character to say the least. But Fawn, the new project by a ‘bunch of fucked up kids from CT’, deserves the spot, delivering on the operatic promise of its myriad of genres. The production is as full and crisp and bombastic as MBV’s, but the featured instrument is a fucking fiddle. The vocals sound like they’ll break into sobs at any moment. And the lyrics convey its gothic, apocalyptic mood perfectly. (When audible.)

On the opening track, a child’s tantrum both lyrically and vocally, they ask: Is this what it’s like to grow upTo realize everything’s fucked up? And honestly? It kind of is. The whole LP has the essence of a herd of impalas hoove steps ahead of a veldt fire, which pretty well sums up the state of our own race’s existence right now, too. It might not be the sound of a generation we asked for, but it’s the one we deserve.

More Chunes

Blue Lobelia – Sometimes I Go

If baroque freak folk is more your speed, it doesn’t get freakier than this. Well, scratch that, it totally does, but I’m pretty sure that’s exactly why I’m fucking with this poetic and lowkey indie composition so hard. It toes the fine, beautiful line between Vashti Bunyan and Sexwitch damn near perfectly. Easier said than done. 

Estiphanos – When We Were Young

The reports of Estiphanos’ demise have been greatly exaggerated. Yes, the visionary mind behind Dick Bros is back after dropping off the face of the planet for 18 weeks with yet another lush electronic instrumental designed to make you want to return to the womb from whence you came. And it’s a roaring success, if by ‘roaring’ you mean ‘whispering addictive synth lines galore’ and ‘success’ you mean ‘listening makes me want to curl up in fetal position and binge home videos and childhood Polaroids’.



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