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By el Prof
September 28, 2021
Image: Judson Collier / OpenSea

Today our top collection happens to be Tiny Planetz by Judson Collier, which has pulled down a total of 5eth in the last 24 hours, lining Collier’s pockets with a cool $15k in USD.

If you watched my latest episode of On OpenSeas, you know I find it refreshing to review a collection with a real artist (not an algorithm) behind it. But, while I didn’t light Judson up live on air this morning, I did mention that the artwork lacks depth and I prefer his Instagram to his NFT collection. Very 2015 of me, I know.

Tiny Planetz is ‘a methodical practice of different mediums and styles, all revolving around an identical circular form’ because calling it what it is — ‘a bunch of colorful circles’ — doesn’t exactly scream High Art. Instead, this project screams Basic Bitch, as it requires only a surface level of thought to execute or interpret. I believe that art should challenge the viewer to explore behind the description for their own meaning in the piece, and I am at my end trying to find something more to say about this work. These circles do little to ignite any passion in me and feel like a cold cash grab.

If this is just that, I applaud it for being so blatant about it. Collier’s a strong designer and can clearly do better, but I think it’s brilliant to drive up the worth of his portfolio by establishing a baseline value with this collection. There are worse NFT projects out there, from less qualified artists, to HODL (hold on for dear life, you noobs); buy.

el Prof

el Prof

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