Art-isinal Algorithms

By el Prof
December 16, 2021
Image: 20013B//OpenSea

Continuing to speak about the valley of death that NFTs, and crypto more broadly, have been slumping towards for a few weeks now, is the issue I had with writing Stud Finder today.

We need better NFT discovery tools, and they need to be chain agnostic (obviously biased by ours). When ever I try to use an art filter on any of the marketplaces, PFPs flood my screen and give me nothing to talk about other than algorithmically generated trash with a really thoughtful marketing statement.

I choose these projects for the writing more than the art these days, because I’m tired of looking at profile pictures. If you want to stair into the void of emotionless, technology generated art that somehow manages to hit you in the feels, consider the artists’ point that simple laws define our universe, and we can witness their evolution through pieces like this

el Prof

el Prof

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