A Very sn0b-y Xmas

By el Prof
December 25, 2021
Image: sn0bs // Emergent Digital

Welcome to a special edition of Culture H0R. We interrupt your regularly scheduled holiday festivities to announce the birth of our NFT collection, the sn0bs

Whether you think Chad or I write well, this has all been a proof of concept to set the infrastructure for artists to flourish on top of; as we’ve regularly alluded to since spamming your inboxes for the first time this past September.

Ownership of a single sn0b gets you early access to every artist we fuck with, and are helping to harness the power of web3 via our web2 skills, a novel advertising approach using data pooling. The larger road map is still being flushed out, but will include a cartoon series based on several of these characters within the next 2 years.


For the price of a single SO(u)L, you can make a deal with the devil to become internet famous on our dime. sn0bs are a community of creatives, collectors, curators, starving artists, and divergent thinkers. 


Like most people who are trying to start a tech project, we are looking for software devs with a strong JavaScript or Python engineering chops, or anyone whos down to fuck around with RUST. 

Message us if you want to join our DAO-not-a-DAO or hop into our discord channel here.

oh, Merry XMas if you are celebrating today…

el Prof

el Prof

hey, i'm el prof, but most people call me Connor. Thanks for reading.

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